XperiOn: Get Famous Now Programs

Social Media Solutions

XperiOn – Get Famous Now!

Social Media Fans and Followers On Demand

Reseller Cost – Suggested Retail Cost:



– 1,500 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 400 Facebook Post Likes on your Fan Page

-Customer Cost: $150.00

– 5,000 Twitter Followers

– Retweet to 1,000,000 Twitter Followers


– 2,000 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 7,500 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $200.00 SRP


– 1,250 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 2,500 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $125.00 SRP


– 2,500 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 10,000 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $270 SRP


– 4,000 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 10,000 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $325.00 SRP


– 6,000 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 10,000 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $370.00 SRP


– 10,000 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 25,000 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $600.00 SRP


– 25,000 USA Facebook Likes/Fans**

– 50,000 Twitter Followers

-Customer Cost: $1,250.00 SRP

Choose Social Media Package & Pay Now to get started : Click here


If any fans or followers are lost for whatever reason, they will be replenished at no extra cost! Our commitment to customer satisfaction and iron-clad guarantee is the best in the country!
**NOTE – Facebook pages are public, allowing anyone to join and like your page. You will receive likes from outside of the USA however these likes will NOT count towards your total. For example, you order 1000 USA likes – you may receive 1500+ total likes which will include 1000 USA likes as well as 500 non-USA likes. This should be viewed as a positive since you are NOT paying for these extra likes. Every interaction on your page helps its “Edge Rank” and makes the page more likely to be shared by Facebook. (more about how that works can be seen at http://www.edgerank.net) Please check your insights 72+ hours after we have completed our work (Facebook insights are delayed) and if you feel you have not received the correct amount of USA likes, email – VictorTalha@Gmail.com and we will add more. We are unable to work on pages with any restrictions on them of either age or country. Page must be at its original default permission setting, You are welcome to return the restrictions to your page when we have completed our campaigns. XperiOn is a full service non-core business solutions provider. Contact Victor Talha: 305.747.1842

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