First Merchant Processor to Provide Real Mobile Proximity Marketing – XperiOn PAE

XperiOn-PAE, Inc.

Merchant Processing w / Mobile Proximity Marketing Solutions

XperiOn-PAE, Inc. is proud to present the first merchant credit processing solutions incorporating the first ever mobile proximity marketing solutions to help merchants bring in new business and optimize revenue streams. Merely lowering rates and fees just isn’t enough these days!

The marketing applications of our cutting edge technology coupled with our low rate non-core business solutions provide a double impact on reducing the cost of acquisition for every business model imaginable.

Here’s how it works:

1) Current merchant processing is cost analyzed against partner processors’ rates
2) A true forensic rate and savings plan is scored and devised by XperiOn-PAE
3) Savings from processing rates and fees are then applied to mobile proximity marketing solutions powered by MMPM and Google!
4) Conventional marketing & advertising expenses are substantially reduced or cut outright

Mobile Proximity Marketing Advantages:                                                                                                                        

1) Stream Live/Recorded Video Advertising to smart phones in a 300 yard radius (Zone 1)
2) Send incentive based coupons-invitations to smart phones in a 300 yard radius (Zone 1)
3) Send push messages to smart phones in a 300 yard radius (Zone 1)
4) Send all 3 above to competitor’s location at a 300 yard radius (Zone 2)
5 Select multiple areas to market with a 300 yard radius (Zone 2 to Zone XXX)
6) Merchant has full access to Google Powered calendar and blast-time schedule
7) Merchant can schedule automated blasts for special future events and specials
8) Merchant zones are optimized and prominent in Google Maps Listings (SEO)

-One time setup fee for Mobile Proximity Marketing $299
-Unlimited Zones Per Merchant ($99 per zone – per month – billed to merchant)

CONTACT US TODAY FOR FREE MERCHANT PROCESSING RATE COMPARISON and Mobile Proximity Marketing Program Information. Get Started today and beat your competitors to the punch!

Need to know more? Check out these forecasts and metrics by clicking here!

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  1. If you’re interested in becoming an ISO Rep Partner and would like to be the first in your sales organization to be able to sell any of our services, please contact Victor Talha directly or email for biz op strategic alliance agreements between XperiOn-PAE and your sales office.

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